landscape design styles



Good design and planning will create an inviting entry while still maintaining privacy.



People that move to Hawaii usually want a garden that works with a healthy, active lifestyle.  A place to swim or hot tub, an outdoor shower to control the beach sand, surfboard storage and that outdoor bar-b-que with the classic tiki torch.  All these wish list items contribute to a tropical landscape style where you can enjoy the outdoors well past sunset. Being comfortable in an outdoor setting is key to a well designed tropical garden.  Personalized attention by our design team will insure that you receive a garden setting that compliments your lifestyle.



Greg Boyer has been an avid world traveler since his college days, with an exceptional love for the Far East.  Living in Hawaii since 1976, Greg has combined his Tropical landscape experiences with his Asian travel experiences into a style he has labeled 'PolynAsian'.  His use of Asian garden accents in a tropical setting is what makes his gardens unique. 

Go ahead ..... dream big. 

We will take your ideas and make them a reality.



Agriculture land in Hawaii provides many opportunities to create a beautiful 'Gentleman's Estate'.  Greg Boyer will provide a design package for county approvals to properly create 1 to 5 acre estates on both Kauai and the Big Island of Hawaii.  Coconut plantations and tropical fruit orchards on Kauai as well as coffee farms in Kona are but a few of the successful projects we have created with our eco-friendly clientele.



Because of Greg's travel experiences, this serene re-creation of Ryoan-ji Temple was an exciting challenge.  For our client that could no longer visit her beloved Japan, creating these stucco walls with raked coral and the tranquil sound of water was a tremendous success.  Your special garden will become a reality too if you have the right team believing in your dream.